Class Content

Maximum 5 minutes will be announcements–the prof (in theory) isn’t there and girls & vets have arrived early to discuss what’s going on during the week. We can let the Non-Academic group decide if they want to, but Senior Day and May Day would be good topics for conversation/information announcements.

10 minutes: After the announcements, the professor has roll call, using Miss to address us, and we could all give our major and class (Devil or Goat?).

20 minutes: Professor introduces the debate by writing on the board, “A woman’s place is in the home.” The professor should be the one splitting us into groups. Half of the room will debate for one side, while the other tries to support the other side. Small groups to start–for 5 minutes. Then have the small groups form one big group of their side. Discuss their topics for 5 minutes. Then the two sides come together after 10 minutes to debate for 10 minutes.

After this, the professor can then transition the class into history and current events for as long as the conversation lasts (maximum 30 minutes sounds reasonable)–why it’s important for a woman to raise children, sons and daughters, who support the ideals of a democratic nation. It’d be a great idea to then transition to Korea and possibly World War III since the Soviet Union has the bomb at this point.
We wouldn’t want McClurk to be lecturing the whole time, so he should frame it as a class discussion. “Why do women need to raise children with the democratic ideals of our glorious nation?” and then ask us “Could we see a World War III in our generation? Especially with the atom bomb present in other countries? Do we feel unsafe?”
I think in all this it would be great for him to interject about the Russian thing. Something like, “Learning Russian can help all Americans foresee threats to our land!”



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