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Maximum 5 minutes will be announcements–the prof (in theory) isn’t there and girls & vets have arrived early to discuss what’s going on during the week. We can let the Non-Academic group decide if they want to, but Senior Day and May Day would be good topics for conversation/information announcements. 10 minutes: After the announcements, …


My name is Lucy Brooke Woods, but I go by Brooke Woods. I am a senior, majoring in psychology to become a primary school teacher after graduation. I love children and cannot wait until the day I get to have my own.  I am the President of R.A. (Recreation Association). I am the one screaming …

Reading 3/29

I was struck most by the excerpt from Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique. When I think of the 1950s in the most basic sense, I think of the wives and mothers found in the home. These women, though, like Friedan explains, are missing something. They are not sure what it is, like the title suggests, …

How to recreate the 1950s Class

I want to first start off by answering some of the concerns I’ve read on other people’s blogs about the men in class. There were veterans on campus through 1953-1954, so it shouldn’t be too hard to accommodate the men in our class. I think we should try to capture as much of the material …

Taking a Final Look

I want to present something a little different that I ran across on my last browsing of the yearbooks. This was just too charming and too interesting to disregard.

Diving In

As my research continues, I am continuously pulled in by the Battlefield yearbook. Every page brings new questions and offers few answers.

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Image Source: University of Mary Washington Digital Archives Image Link: We decided to have a blog based on visuals. Each visual will take the visitor to a separate page. These pages will include the following: Courses and Majors (catalog information that is relevant, popular majors, majors that have disappeared, majors that were new in …

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I was very excited about the piece from Judy Yung, “The Social Awakening of Chinese American Women” because of my previous course in Gender in Chinese History with Professor Fernsebner.

The Battlefield, 1951

Within one of the ten yearbooks I studied, there is a page titled “Profs Say Student Is The Grand Enigma—And Vice Versa.” On this page, there is a short “stream of consciousness” narrative of students from a professor’s point-of-view.


Photos, yearbooks, and scrapbooks are filled with memories for those who lived those moments in time. For outsiders like us, however, we can only observe and examine, hoping for clues to this past.