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We decided to have a blog based on visuals. Each visual will take the visitor to a separate page. These pages will include the following:
Courses and Majors (catalog information that is relevant, popular majors, majors that have disappeared, majors that were new in the decade)
Departments (focusing on relationship between professors, gender)
Classroom Experience (will be divided to the four types we decided on: technology classes, labs, arts/music/home economics, and lectures)
Social Life (if possible, we would try to limit this since we have such an abundance on this topic; possibly go into popular traditions)
Interviews page (we thought this would be an interesting page to do by adding pictures of our Alums from the yearbook with what information they offered us and maybe some background/biographical information)

We finished our meeting working on a theme for the blog, but decided to just meet up this coming Monday to finalize it.
We are still a little confused on what we should be including and what we shouldn’t given this is supposed to appeal to a wide audience.

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  1. jmcclurken says:

    Can you tell me a little more about your group’s concerns about what should/shouldn’t be included?